When I’m Cleaning Windows

When I’m Cleaning Windows

Why You Should Get The Professionals In

Your business will undoubtably have some windows if not a lot of windows. But who cleans them?

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I'm sure you have looked at them from time to time thinking that they need cleaning. However you don’t really want to pay out for someone to clean them. Can you save money getting a member of staff to do it? Below are several reasons why you need a professional to clean your office windows.

A professional window cleaning service provides you with an individual or a team of people who have many years of window cleaning experience. This is important as this team will know what to do and how to stay safe while they work. Professional window cleaners will have equipment specifically for this job. Examples of this:

Fixed and Mobile Cradle Access

A fixed and mobile cradle access is specifically for large buildings that are mostly windows for example office high rises in London. These are not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced. It also allows for more than one person to work in the same area at one time making the process faster.


Abseiling is again for the most experienced of window cleaners and perhaps a certain personality type, someone who loves the adrenaline rush. This has many safety precautions ensuring the employee is safe whilst at great heights.  

Cherry picker facility

Using a cherry picker facility is also used for high rise building and are used when abseiling anchor bolts cannot be fitted. Whilst still up at great heights this option does provide a stable platform.

Scissors platform

Also offering a walking platform is the scissor platform for window cleaners. To reach the windows on tall buildings whilst easy to manoeuvre around the building itself.


A harness is an essential piece of equipment for any window cleaner but especially the abseiling specialists. This keeps them safely attached to the wires that stop them from falling.

Varied ladder systems

The varied ladder system is generally for the lower windows that are spaced further apart. This is the most traditional method of window cleaning.

‘Reach & Wash’ Hydropure* water system

A ‘reach and wash’ hydropure water system can reach great heights but is also for either sections of windows or individual, spaced out windows. This is because it wouldn’t be considered efficient enough for largely windowed surface areas of an office high rise. This is the only method where the operatives work safely from the ground.

So with all the equipment listed above in mind for safety and efficiency it is a simple choice as to who should wash your windows. Get the professionals in! They already have this equipment or at least a way of getting hold of it for work rather than finding it yourself. The professionals can offer this quick and efficient service which saves you money in the long run.

WINNS provides businesses like yours with their window washing team on a regular basis. Our team is quick and highly trained at what they do. WINNS offers a full range of window cleaning services both for the interior and exterior of the building. We have over twenty five years of experience and will proudly exceed expectations. 

For more information about WINNS window washing services or to book them contact us on 01702 719100.

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Written by 07heaven