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Why Hiring One Company Is Better Than Using Multiple For Your Commercial Building’s FM

July 10, 2018 by WINNS Services

Facilities management can be highly varied in terms of what it can offer a business. From grounds maintenance to stewarding, from deep cleaning to office maintenance- your commercial building can truly benefit from effective facilities management. One of the best ways to ensure your property is being properly maintained is to hire one FM company which can provide most, if not all, of your maintenance needs rather than hiring multiple companies. In this blog, we outline 5 reasons to hire a singular FM company, read on to find out more!

1. Full commitment - By hiring one company to perform multiple facilities duties for your commercial building you are ensuring you have their full commitment, not only to you but to the building itself. Multiple companies can mean miscommunication which can then affect the level of commitment to maintaining the building and its contents. Commitment to the task is essential in order for any security or cleaning task to be completed to the highest standard. If one worker knows another worker will be doing a similar job tomorrow, they may lack in motivation to be efficient in their task.

2. Less work for you - Using numerous companies means a lot of paperwork, meetings and correspondence, only furthering the work you already have to complete. The ability to reduce workload whilst remaining coherent is the goal for any business, especially those in the commercial sector- any option to have less work should be undertaken.

3. More efficient - Similar to our full commitment point, efficiency is vital in facilities management. By having one company liable for several, or all duties they are more likely be more efficient in their working. Whereas, a collection of FM businesses may not have been as orderly and can rely on others to pick up the slack. The schedule of work can also become confusing with deciding which days which team will visit, therefore some staff may rely on this confusion to cover any mistakes they make. With one business you are able to clearly delegate tasks and know exactly who is doing what.

4. Quicker - The time taken organising which company will visit when and the time switching, setting up and settling in adds up. Reduce the amount of time wasted by having one company to transition quickly to other tasks, rather than swapping entire teams. Time costs money in the world of business, therefore do not let your money go to waste.

5. Price - Lastly, most businesses will charge higher prices if they are only conducting minimal services, whereas hiring a company for a range of services will mean prices come down, making it more cost-effective for the building.

WINNS Services specialises in a variety of Security and Cleaning Services with particular focus on Facilities Management. Having been established for over two decades, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. To ask any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk.


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