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Why Soft FM Services Are Essential For Large Buildings

November 30, 2021 by WINNS Services

The capital city of London has a large number of skyscraper buildings, but are they using soft FM techniques? The use of soft facilities management methods are often underestimated, but we are here to tell you efficient FM is vital for a business to thrive.

Before we get into why your building needs soft FM, we must first describe what it is.

Soft FM is services that buildings and companies use to maintain a healthy and safe environment. They are crucial for the day to day operations to run smoothly and maintain the beauty of the building, keeping that new and fresh look years after completion.

Here are some examples of services:

Waste: Help keep your business clean and safe by having effective waste management. Waste removal includes dealing with sanitary waste, recycling and disposing of confidential waste efficiently and securely.

Cleaning: Regardless of whether you need daily, periodic or clinical cleaning, it is necessary to have an eye for detail in order for it to be completed to the best standard.

Security: Security services include CCTV, alarms, concierge, mobile patrols and guarding. They offer peace of mind during the day, at night, or whenever the building closes. Creating safety for both the employees and the property.

Catering: Whether you want platters, vending machines or full menus, catering is included in soft FM. Eating areas for clients, staff, meetings, visitors, special events or hospitality functions are also maintained to be in line with health and safety guidelines, providing quality food solutions and professional catering staff.

Soft FM provides a cleaner environment for staff or visitors, in turn, this creates a more productive place for your business. Remember, cleanliness and maintenance contribute to your brand identity, if the building looks poor this will reflect on you, therefore, it is essential you maintain a professional and well looked after building. Brand identity can also gain you new customers as people will see the effort and results, therefore, they will want to use your business. Hiring a company which specialises in soft services removes the day-to-day hassle, letting staff and visitors focus on what they are there for, giving more time to focus on more important tasks. It is required as an employer to work in accordance to health and safety guidelines, soft FM can do this for you.

Security is essential to create a safe working environment. As much as detection methods are important, prevention systems are key in order for damage and/or injury to be at a minimum. Appropriate security could mean the difference between a quickly resolved situation and a life-threatening situation, in the world of business it is not worth the risk. No matter how big or small your business may be, putting the budget into soft FM is paramount.

You may be thinking, catering? How is that important? Catering is just as important as cleaning in regards to adding to your brand identity. If you have an important meeting with big investors, it is good practice to have professional serving staff providing food to the clients. Something as little as catering can influence someone’s opinion on a business majorly. Catering also works well in terms of staff morale, perhaps providing them with a weekly fruit basket to show your appreciation for all the hard work they have put in. Also, a working vending machine is always a crowd favourite!

Below are some more reasons why soft FM is essential for your building

- Minimise cost, maximise performance
- Benefit without investing in capital and human resources
- You can focus on main abilities and operations, not on activities which are not related to the value of your products, rather  on the brand image itself
- Maintain the value of your facilities and you increase their life cycle, you have spent all that money building it why not invest - Money to maintain it- you will appreciate it in the long run!

WINNS Services specialises in cleaning and security as part of their soft facilities management service. Having been operating within the industry for over two decades, we are experts within the field and pride ourselves on forever exceeding expectations. If you have any questions regarding soft FM or facilities management in general, don't hesitate to call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk.


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