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Why Use our Key Holding Services in London?

When staff leave the office, they want to leave the working world behind, not be encumbered with key holding responsibilities.

Whether your staff live several miles away or have young children, nobody wants to be called out late at night to investigate a security risk, not to mention the fact it could be a highly dangerous situation; when you’re a key holder, you always have the responsibility hanging over your head.

Where ever you are in London, Winns Services will provide reliable and vigilant key holding services you can rely on.

Whether you need key holding for a residential, industrial or commercial property, our services are prompt and efficient and always available night or day.

From an initial visit to your site to highly vigilant and fully trained staff, you’ll always have the safety net of Winns Services to rely upon- whether it’s at midnight or 5 am, our staff will be there to investigate and report any incidents. You, meanwhile, can sleep soundly at all times. We can help you stay safe and sound in 2020.

For more information about our key holding services, simply get in touch today.

01702 719100.


Written by WINNS Services