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Why Water And Electricity Are A Deadly Combination

July 18, 2018 by WINNS Services

Most of us know that we should not let any water get near our electrical appliances, but do you know why? In this post, we explain why they should be carefully controlled in your cleaning schedule.

It’s not actually the water itself which disagrees with electricity, it is the impurities in the water such as minerals and dust which conduct electricity to cause a reaction. The impurities can be found in most water, therefore should be as far from appliances or be controlled so that they do not come into contact. Interestingly, you can get water which does not contain the impurities which is safe to use on electrical items, this is often used by scientists and engineers to cool voltage equipment.

However, we are not lucky enough to have this water readily available through the tap, meaning you must be very careful and vigilant. Special power outlets can be used in areas where water is present to prevent a reaction, for example in the bathroom or kitchen. It is also advised NOT to use an indoor extension lead outdoors as they do not have the appropriate coating to prevent water connecting with electricity. If there has been a leak in your office, not only should you be wary of structural damage but you should also be hyper-aware in case the water has come in contact with an electrical current, this could electrocute you if you come into contact with the water.

Electricity is very dangerous as it can cause a current to go through your body. This can directly affect your heart, the delicate beating rhythm is affected by small electric currents causing it to malfunction. Not only can it electrocute, it can burn too. Whenever you have sustained a significant injury from electricity, you should seek medical attention. Minor burns can be treated normally, but anything more should have medical advice.

It is also advised that you do not use electric power tools outside when it is raining, or if you are doing any job which relates to water, e.g. the pool or pond. Sometimes being electrocuted is minor, but they do have the ability to kill if strong enough. Do not let chance be your dictator, always be wary, vigilant and smart!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Never use an electrical appliance near water
  • Never touch anything electrical with wet hands
  • Never leave an electrical appliance where it can fall into the water
  • Never leave a dangerous electrical appliance around children
  • Watch out for damaged electrical wiring

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