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Business Security Over Christmas: Why You Need A Professional Key Holder

We have previously discussed what key holding is, now it is time to discuss why you need a professional to hold your business property keys rather than a normal member of staff… or even yourself. When an alarm is activated it could most likely be a false alarm, but there is a small chance that a real emergency has occurred and requires a professional with experience to correctly handle the situation- could you face this risk?

When choosing a key holding service there are essential criteria you will need to consider to see if they are right for the job. Whether you currently have someone handling your key holding or are looking to choose someone, make sure to see if they can successfully answer these questions:

Are they available 24/7?


You need someone who is available whenever to respond to alarm activations. Criminal activity can occur at any time of day, whether that be 1 pm or 1 am you need someone who can respond quickly, appropriately and timely to ensure as little damage is done to your property. If someone is not available all day, criminals can easily exploit this and make their plans around the fact that response times are slow.


Are they within a 20 minute travel time?


You may have someone who is available 24/7, but are they able to get to you quickly? Seconds can dictate how severe a situation unfolds for your property and its contents, ensure you have someone who is close by to have the smallest window for damage as possible. Not only is this short travel time reducing the amount of damage done, it could actually work as a deterrent too. Criminals often scope out the potential burglary site before deciding when to strike, if they see security reaction is very quick they will often abandon plans before committing the crime.


Are they always contactable?


If you are struggling to contact someone you are allowing more time for the criminal to damage and steal from your building. You need someone who is available as well as contactable to ensure little room is left for criminals to use to their advantage. It is easy for someone to say they are always reachable, but it is vital you have someone trustworthy who will ALWAYS answer a call for their services.


Are they trained, professional and experienced?


As mentioned above, not every alarm activation is a false alarm. Sometimes even life-threatening situations can occur during a burglary, it is essential that anyone who is entering an alarm activated building is trained in order to protect themselves as well as your property. If someone who is not trained is entering your building and they get hurt, it will be on your conscious as the employer for their injury. Similarly, if you were to respond yourself you are risking your own welfare, is the risk worth it?


Do they have the knowledge to appropriately handle the situation?


As well as being able to physically handle a situation, the key holder will also require the mental ability to appropriately handle the situation. You will want as little damage as possible, therefore will need to be strategic in how emergencies are handled. It is knowledge and experience that is vital for any key holder, you will need to ensure yourself, the chosen or desired key holder has this so that your property is safe.


Here at WINNS we offer key holding services. By having us as a key holder, this problem is solved for you. For only £1 a day, we will attend any call outs on your behalf, meaning that there is minimal disruption and threat to your employees or your own life. For more information about WINNS’ Security Services or to book our keyholding services please contact us on 01702 719100 or or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk

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Written by WINNS Services