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Why Your Business Needs A Tidy Desk Policy

If you wish to improve brand identity, increase productivity and get more out of your money you need to introduce a tidy desk policy into your workplace. It may sound silly, but by the time you have finished reading this blog you will tell yourself ‘why didn’t I have a tidy desk policy sooner?’
More efficient working

There is endless talk of how the area that you work in directly correlates with productivity levels, enjoyment of work and more manageable workload. With your employees being sat at their desk for the majority of the day, it is essential that their environment is clean, clear and organised both for their own welfare and your business’.

If their desk remains cluttered and messy it can be difficult for the cleaner to effectively do their job. It also means the staff member becomes less motivated and productive, directly affecting how much work is completed. A report conducted by IDC found that the average employee spends 2.5 hours a day looking for information located on paperwork and files… not good when you think of how much you’re paying them; therefore, if a tidy desk policy were to be introduced, the amount of time spent looking for information would considerably decrease as their desk will be organised and easy to navigate.


Regardless of sick days, annual leave or shared job role- all staff are productive

All businesses will encounter sick days, annual leave or shared job roles. Therefore, it is essential a desk is clear, tidy and easy to look through as others may need information stored within that individual's desk. If left messy, others would not be able to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. Not only does a tidy desk policy help the desk’s owner, but it also helps others in the office.

Improve cleanliness of the workplace

As previously mentioned, a cleaner cannot properly clean desks if there are countless mounds of mess dominating the area. This leaves dust, grime and germs to fester and spread illness throughout the office. If left, the risk of contamination increases meaning the likelihood of more sick days to occur among staff. More sick days equals less production for your business.

As well as increasing questionable cleanliness, if all desks were tidy the cleaner would be able to complete more efficient cleaning. This means you will get more cleaning completed in the outlined timeframe, therefore more being done for the amount of money you are paying.

Sensitive documents protected

If a messy desk is left, it can be easy for sensitive information to get into the wrong hands. The documents are sensitive for a reason, therefore if the desk is properly organised the content can be stored correctly and be found when necessary. This is rather than it be accidentally given or taken by the wrong person.

Better brand perception

Additionally, a better brand perception will occur if a tidy desk policy is implemented as a level of professionalism and sophistication can be seen throughout the building. If there appears to be messy desks causing chaos, a perception of chaos will be made upon your company- no small detail should be overlooked in regards to brand identity.

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Written by WINNS Services