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Why Your Office Needs To Complete Regular Security Audits

August 17, 2018 by WINNS Services

If you want to have a safe and secure property you will need to regularly conduct security audits to ensure your processes are effective. Your security needs will continually change and grow, therefore maintenance and checks are essential. Your audit does not need to be complicated, therefore we have created this example of the types of questions you should ask yourself.

Part 1 -  Examine the physical layout of your property.

Is your property large? (Does a sweep of the building take longer than 5 minutes to complete?)

Does the layout create places for people to hide in?

Are all key areas appropriately illuminated?

Does your outdoor landscape create places to hide or provide roof access?

Part 2 -  Assess your access points.

Do you have single or multiple access points?

Are your doors, gates, lifts, windows and other points secured using access control technology?

Are all windows closed and locked or otherwise secured?

Are all access areas appropriately lit?

Part 3 -  Consider other security options.

Does the building currently have static guards?

Does the building have mobile patrols? (either on foot or vehicular)

Does your property use access control? (technology or physical)

Does your building have internal and external CCTV systems?

Do you have fire detection systems in place?

Does your front of house area have a concierge?

Is the entire of your building installed with triggering alarm systems?

Do you use a key holder?

Part 4 -  Investigate the effectiveness of the current physical security strategy.

What processes are required in order to gain access to the facility?

Are employees and visitors using the access control system properly?

How are visitors handled in terms of security?

If a security breach was to occur, would the organisation have insight into who is currently on site or were on site during a specific time frame?

What happens to keys or access cards when staff resign or are relieved of their duty?

If you use PIN code access, how often are they changed?

Are the entire of the building’s perimeters covered by surveillance cameras?

Do current CCTV systems produce usable footage during daytime and nighttime?

Are all key areas covered by cameras?

Is footage regularly monitored?

How long do you retain the footage for?

If a security breach was to occur, how are security personnel notified?

Is the current process enabling a fast and effective response?

If security gaps exist, would it be more cost-effective to develop your security strategy?

Security audits can be lengthy as they require a highly involved process, depending on the size and risks at the facility, but they are critical to maintaining a high level of safety. The more often you complete an audit, you can be rest-assured your property is the safest it could be, reducing the risk of forced entry.

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