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window cleaning

June 16, 2022 by WINNS Services


WINNS has been providing window cleaning services across a wide geographical area to a number of large complex organisations for over 30 years.  We have a number of window cleaning methods at our disposal, all completed by our highly trained staff.



Conventional Window Cleaning Methods

The use of more conventional window cleaning methods using a standard applicator, soap and squeegee still have a huge part to play in the industry.  

Staff are trained in the correct methods to ensure there are no smears or runs on completion.


Reach and Wash Window Cleaning

This process involves cleaning windows using purified water and carbon fibre telescopic poles to a maximum height of 72ft.

Operatives are trained using the correct methods to obtain a high standard and leave each pane of glass free from impurities so they dry smear free.

Vehicle-mounted systems incorporate water-treatment filters and a large water tank so that a supply of pure water is always available, wherever a window cleaner needs to go and without the need for an external water or power supply.


Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

In the event that access is required at a high level, sometimes a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) can be the best form of access.  Operatives work from the safety of the platform and can deliver excellent cleaning results working at eye level with each window.

All operatives have undertaken and achieved an IPAF licence from the International Powered Access Federation.  There are a number of different categories specific to the machines available.  WINNS is proud to have a number of operatives trained in different categories.


Rope Access Techniques

An alternative access method at high level is via rope access techniques.  This can be particularly useful in areas where MEWPS cannot access, maybe due to ground restrictions.

All operatives have undertaken and achieved a minimum level1 IRATA certification with a level 3 IRATA technician in attendance at all times when working on site.


Internal Water fed Pole Window Cleaning: (Dragonfly)

An Internal water fed Pole Window Cleaning system is used for all high level internal windows or windows where access is restricted due to obstacles such as desks, chairs, work tops, filing cabinets etc.

Work is carried out from floor level at all times and watered poles providing mist spray are used to clean internal windows.  Hoses and cables are placed at positions which do not present trip or slip hazards to others and physical barriers and Warning signage erected around the work area to form an exclusion zone.  The equipment is set-up and used in accordance with manufacture’s instructions.


De-ionized Portable Water Tank Trolley System:

A water supply is fed from a portable trolley mounted 35 litre water tank, 60psi water pump and battery system.  The portable tank is filled either from the vehicle water tank and then wheeled to the work area and connected to the Pole system or, alternatively, in cases where the vehicle is located too far away, the trolley is filled using jerry cans and a sack barrow for transport.


Solar Panels

WINNS employs the Reach & Wash® System for the cleaning of solar panels and many other high-level surfaces allowing quick and efficient  cleaning with little environmental impact.



It is common for all the above methods to have been utilised jointly across some large organisations to deliver a high standard of window cleaning to some challenging buildings.  


Case Study: IFDS Group - Basildon

This site provided a particular challenge as the design and layout of the building requires the use of all the above methods at different times and frequencies.  The building is 4 storeys high and has a large glass roof to the middle area.

The front elevation required abseil window cleaning to overcome the large windows which are set back in the building preventing access via reach and wash.

Reach and Wash window cleaning was undertaken to the sides and rear of the building 3 times per annum at a 4 month frequency.

The inside of the glass roof cleaning twice per annum up to a height of 26m necessitated the use of a MEWP.

Conventional window cleaning methods were suitable for all low level and internal window cleaning.

The experience and processes of providing window cleaning services in different sectors is very similar as shown in the following case study:



The frequency of window cleaning is client specific.  An annual works delivery schedule is produced detailing week commencing dates for all cleans throughout the year.  Sites are then notified by telephone or email 2 weeks prior to a delivery date of an exact day and time based on feedback from the site on the most convenient time.  All days and times are stored for future use.  In the event of adverse weather conditions, all work is completed within 72 hours of the original completion date.  




In order to ensure that the work carried out at your site is conducted in the safest possible way for your staff and for your contractors, the following training requirements should be achieved.  Don’t forget, you are within your rights to ask for evidence of training when contracting work to be carried out.


  • Basic Working at Height, HSE guidance sheet indg402.
  • Manual Handling
  • Window Cleaning Techniques 
  • RAMS Briefing 
  • Company Induction



Quite often this is overlooked when contracting out services however, we would recommend that before the undertaking of any contracted service you request copies of the contractor’s insurance.



Method Statements are completed for all our sites detailing the equipment to be used and ensure the most appropriate equipment has been selected.

Prior to the commencement of window cleaning services, your contractor should provide you with a site specific set of RAMS.

They should also provide appropriate safety signage and barriers in respect of good Health and Safety practices.

Depending on site and circumstances, your contractor might also need to provide evidence of DBS checks upon request.

Staff should be wearing appropriate uniform, PPE and ID badges for the duration of their work.

Before works are undertaken, a check will be made by the WINNS supervisor to ensure that there are not any existing services that could be affected by our works or affecting the safety of the WINNS operatives during cleaning activities.

Cleaning operatives have been informed to never attempt to lift something that is too heavy for their own capabilities. Operatives are to request assistance from another colleague when required, and team lifting techniques to be applied.



As part of WINNS continuous monitoring policy, we conduct regular site inspections.  These inspections cover all aspects of the service including quality, standard, equipment and Health & Safety. All inspections are conducted by the Account Manager. 

WINNS also have external site inspections conducted by our Health & Safety consultant.  

The results of all inspections are made available to the contracting authority. 

Regular review meetings are attended with the procurement manager to discuss and address any issues.

We operate in excess of staff numbers for window cleaning to ensure our company has the ability to cover sickness and holiday as well as catch up work in the event of adverse weather conditions.



Your contractor should provide you with a completion certificate and obtain a signature from an authorised officer acknowledging a satisfactory clean and a copy of the completion certificate should be emailed to the authorised officer within 3 working days.

A site specific completion certificate is also generated for each individual building showing the following details:

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Site Contact 
  • Site Contact Details
  • Service Specification 
  • Date of last clean 
  • Date of next clean 
  • Start time 
  • Completion time 
  • Authorised signature 
  • Date of Completion 
  • Additional Comments 


Should you require further information on our window cleaning methods or any other service that WINNS provides, please contact Ryan Stillwell on 01702 713100.



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