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May 3, 2022 by Karen Stillwell, Chairman


WINNS continues to expand and to ensure that we continue to provide a professional service specific to our client’s  needs, we have welcomed three new members of staff to Head Office.

We have added 2 new Account Managers, Riaz and Chynna.  Riaz will focus primarily on security contracts and  Chynna on cleaning contracts until they have their feet under the table and then cross-training on multiple  disciplines needed for the variety of work undertaken by WINNS will commence in earnest.  We wish both Riaz and  Chynna all the best and look forward to working with them.

Nelson has joined the Sales Team under the supervision of Luke Stillwell from 07Heaven Marketing. Nelson is  currently being brought up to speed on all aspects of our business, especially our core values and mission  statement:


In all their dealings WINNS and all its employees will be: 

fair, inclusive, respectful, innovative and transparent’


‘To provide a professional service specific to our client’s needs’


To fulfil our Mission Statement and ensure that we remain at the top of our game, WINNS continually seeks to  extend its knowledge base and its areas of expertise.  

In April we underwent and achieved outstanding results from external audits by Achillies, RISQS and CIRAS.



Taking on new staff is always a considered gamble as personalities may not gel despite everyone’s good intentions.  WINNS was very pleased to welcome Shanel Mellowship in February this year.  Shanel has fitted in exceptionally  well and has already become an asset to staff and clients alike. 

In her own words, 

"My title is an Office Administrator however my job role varies. I complete jobs such as Payroll, HR queries, and  miscellaneous tasks throughout the day. I like the variety and I enjoy doing tasks to widen my skill set and WINNS Services  allows me to do this. After only being with them for a short while, I can already see my future. They support my decisions  and always help along the way. 

Finding a job you like is not always easy. After being made redundant in the early months of the pandemic as a manager  at Costa, (yes I can make pretty latte art) I was lost, I couldn’t find my new career path, but after time and patience, WINNS  services came along to help! 

My background is predominantly retail with some office administration. I believe this has highlighted my ability to  maintain relationships with colleagues, customers and clients.

Outside of work I love to go for long dog walks, spend time with family and be social. With that said I do have a personal  goal of mine which is to step out of my comfort zone and gain a new hobby by the end of the year.’

Here’s what others had to say about Shanel;

“Shanel has been a great addition to the back-office team, her humour and friendly personality have made it very easy to   fit into the Team’. 

‘She is always willing to help and eager to take on new tasks. Highly capable and an asset to the company.’

 'Shanel has been a breath of fresh air to the Back Office team, with her can-do attitude!  She has a great team and work.   ethic and is a pleasure to workwith!  Shanel has gone from strength to strength, and I am excited to see her grow with us.   at WINNS!’


As a result of April’s whole Staff Training Day, everyone completed A4 scorecards, which listed:


  • Company’s Quarterly Target from the Company GOSPA
  • Their Team’s Quarterly Target 
  • Their work-related to Quarterly Target
  • Their Weekly KPIs
  • Their personal Target, not associated with the Company
So, in addition to their commitment to the Company, staff at Head Office have pledged to achieve the following:


  • - Get back to 85kg deadlift
  • - Post on LinkedIn
  • - Train towards running a 10km fun for charity
  • - Research Martial Arts
  • - Book up to learn a Martial Art
  • - Post on 10kg less in fat (Start 95)
  • - Get big job list completed
  • - Book a holiday abroad
  • - Complete a 10-mile cycle (Bicycle ride)
  • - Sign up for a charity boxing match
  • - Box in new carcass for boiler in our home kitchen
  • - Lose 5KG
  • - Cycle into work once
  • - Tough Mudder
  • - 1 x 5k per week - sub 20 min 5k
  • - Post on LinkedIn
  • - 50 - 70K Steps per week

Keri has posted on Linked in and Rachael has signed up for a charity boxing match on the 3rd of December. 2 down - 15 to go 👍🏼


Heatherwick Studio invited WINNS to tender and then allowed them to present. In addition to the  presentation, Heatherwick requested a visit to two of our existing client’s sites.

WINNS Selected Gemini, as it was a new contract and it allowed Heatherwick to speak directly with the client  to gauge the success of the transfer.  We also selected SUMMIT & Partners as WINNS has held this contract  for over 4 years and it, therefore, gave Heatherwick a chance to see how an embedded service operated.



Gemini Office Services UK Limited is part of the Gemini Group, an Investment Management company. As a company, they hand-pick investment opportunities that promise unique growth and success potential. They specifically keep abreast of new development and investment opportunities arising in Egypt which offers growth potential following new regulations put in place by the Egyptian Administration


Summit Partners was founded in 1984 with a commitment to finding and partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their growth and achieve dramatic results.  Since then, Summit has become the investment partner of choice for many of the best growth companies in the world. 

As best laid plans of mice and men inevitably go awry, on the day, we were only able to take one of Heatherwick’s team to SUMMIT due to COVID restrictions, fortunately, off the cuff, we contacted URBAN works, one of our other clients in the area, who agreed for us to visit and to talk to Heatherwick’s representatives.


Urban Works comprises a pair of sensitively restored and carefully modernised grade II-listed Georgian townhouses, that offer the finest in bespoke office accommodation. Within the twin townhouses are exclusive private spaces of varying sizes, from compact suites suitable for teams of two to grand, high-ceilinged, open-plan offices ideal for growing businesses requiring room for 20 or more. 

We would like to thank everyone involved in this day and we were so appreciative of all the positive comments and feedback that our client’s shared with the panel from Heatherwick.



Our overreaching goal for the quarter is to increase our online presence, with a specific focus on Linked In. There was much jubilation when a new client contacted us because of a Linked In post created by Rob Stillwell, MD after he went to sign off a Kitchen Deep Clean with the client.  The post alerted a long-term contact of Rob’s that we did a range of deep cleans as well as daily cleans.  Hopefully, by the end of the quarter in June, we will have more success to share.


WINNS is putting together templates to assist people considering contracting out their cleaning, security, or maintenance.  We are putting ourselves in our prospective client’s  position and determining what they would need to know, understand or consider before requesting a quotation.  Often it isn’t until you have signed your contract that clients begin to understand all they need to know.


April has been another successful month for WINNS with an underlying focus on innovative systems and processes progressing from theory to practice in the best interests of staff and clients.




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