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WINNS Washroom Services

April 2, 2018 by WINNS Services

Every business has a toilet area. It is a requirement by law that your staff, and in some cases, customers have the use of washrooms. These washrooms need some essentials that you may not have thought about.

So when you bought or rented your company's building or office you would also have bought or rented use of the toilets. You may have thought of the soap and toilet paper but what about other things. Such as femme units, nappy units and air fresheners? And who supplies them and takes them away?

Companies like ours supply and take away these units. This is a service needed by any business, as femme units are a must and air fresheners are needed in toilets. Also, businesses that have to offer toilets to customers, like restaurants will more than likely need nappy units too. 

Staff washrooms, customer washrooms and public washrooms will all need femme units in the women's and disabled toilets. This is something that is considered essential. Your female staff, clients and customers will need to feel comfortable on your business' premises. 

Nappy units are also needed in the women's and disabled toilets to make it easy for your customers to change their baby. If this isn’t in place, they may leave early to take the baby home which may lose a sale.

An air freshener dispenser sounds simple enough but can make a massive difference. This can help staff and customers feel like the washrooms are clean, making them feel comfortable using the facilities provided.

We provide all three of these services allowing you to use one reliable company for everything. Our team has many years of experience offering these services and know how to run it efficiently for your company. Call today and let’s see how often, and when, would be most suitable for your company to have this service.

WINNS services has been established for over two decades and has become knowledgeable and experienced in this industry. We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations and providing high standards throughout all of our services.

For more information about WINNS washroom services or to book our washroom services please contact us on 01702 719100.


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