Your Personal Safety & Close Protection

Your Personal Safety & Close Protection

Your personal safety is something not to be taken lightly regardless of whether you are a celebrity or just your everyday average Joe.

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Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they are feeling uncomfortable but the question to ask yourself is: ‘Is my personal well being at risk?’ This is when you need to act and find a company who can help you.

A Close Protection service is what you will need if the answer to your question is ‘yes’. Our close protection service provides licensed SIA officers who are fully trained in all aspects of this service.

You may need this service if you are attending a large event and you are well known. Or feel as if your life, or your families lives, are in danger and are looking for that reassurance when out in public or travelling. This could apply to any situation in which you feel vulnerable and in potential danger.  

The close protection service may be a service you need if you are managing a high profile person or a celebrity. Therefore many people may gather in large groups around you or at events leaving you feeling vulnerable and at risk.

Anyone can be stalked and/or feel that someone may cause harm to you or potentially be life threatening.

Many people with a great deal of money often employ these services to keep themselves and their families safe. This could be to protect them from situations such as armed robbery.

This service aims to put your mind at ease as the close protection officers are fully trained to deal with these highly stressful and possibly dangerous situations. You can carry on with your day-to-day life without the worry of checking over your shoulder.

WINNS services can offer you a close protection service with our hand selected officers who have all been vetted and trained to the highest standards. We are here for you at times when you feel you are under a clear and present threat. 

For any further information about WINNS close protection service or to book our services please contact us on 01702 719100.

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