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A Stewarding Officer ensures that everyone who attends an event is safe. Stewarding can be arranged for a festival, a sports event, a concert or any type of indoor or outdoor gathering which is expected to attract a big crowd.

They protect the crowd and ensure that they are in the right areas. They are also there to pick up on any potential risks, issues or threats that could occur during the event.


The Benefits

Whilst some security services are good to have, Stewarding is necessary. You cannot run an event without having people on hand to direct, guide and protect the crowd.

Th mobile patrol officer can offer all the peace of mind that security guards bring, however, they are only found at the premises at agreed intervals. They can check the indoors and outdoors of the building/s making sure that everything is safe and secure. A great choice if you have lone workers that may be in the premises early in the morning or late at night.


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