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Keri Barfoot


Keri Barfoot_200x300-01Having left Beauchamps High school in Wickford in 2001, Keri attended Drama College for 2 years and achieved Top Student in her subject area for both years.

As much as she loved amateur dramatics, she made the choice to work in London for a couple of years working with a European company, Keri was fortunate enough to undertake her induction/ training in Madrid. It was a great opportunity and enabled her to have an overview of an office environment, working solo as well as in a team.

Keri then became a full-time mother for 8 years before returning to work in 2012, where she now currently works in logistics responsible for working with our service partners who supply our consumables, uniform /PPE and Equipment for the Cleaning Division.

Her day to day tasks include; ordering stores and consumables for our various sites around Essex and London, keeping an eye on budgets for sites and making sure they stay within their margins.

Keri says the best part of her job is event organising, 'Our company prides itself on making our clients feel valued'.  We hold a main annual event, which Keri helps to organise.  So far all events have been successful and are very popular with our clients.

Keri looks forward to moving forward with WINNS Services.