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Our Marketing and Sales Director, Alan Davies, recently spoke with Mike Barratt, Regional Development Executive at Gallagher, appearing on #mikemeets.

#Mikemeets is an editorial feature written and published by Mike. Each week it follows a similar layout. Mike sits down with either existing clients or key prospects to discuss their industry experiences and topical events happening at the time. Mike then publishes an article summarising their conversation for his network to see.

#Mikemeets is an excellent series of articles as it offers a unique and usually unseen perspective on industry specific and relevant subjects. Mike is brilliant at finding interesting topics and questions that his readers want answered.

What is in the article?

In this edition, Alan and Mike discussed the importance of diversity in business as well as the importance of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and National Living Wage/London Living Wage.

The discussion began by talking about the work that WINNS Services focus on – security services and cleaning services.  Mike highlighted a few of the current services popular at the moment, i.e. physical man guarding, site security, access control and the electrostatic sanitising system.

Mike and Alan then went on to discuss how the trades of security and cleaning do not traditionally go hand in hand. The reason for this partnership is to allow WINNS' clients a one-stop shop option within the facilities' management space.  At WINNS we have a strap line that we strive towards – “Personal enough to care, professional enough to deliver.”

The discussion then moved onto the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 and how it has helped to slow down the effect of rogue firms that focused on driving costs down, sometimes illegally. This has an effect on the profitability of the legitimate businesses and the quality of work provided in the industry.

The article moves to the pair discussing the benefit of having a diverse business portfolio. It is this portfolio that we believe has allowed WINNS Services to strive and maintain our market share during these strange and difficult times during the pandemic.

Finally, the two finish by discussing the future and how the cleaning and security industries may look. With the Coronavirus, Alan believes that work will never return to the old normal that we knew before.

Read the full article...

Please check out the full article published by Mike - read it here. Let him and us know what your thoughts are?

Mike regularly posts #mikemeets so follow his account for similar posts in the future.

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