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5 Health and Safety Breaches Your Business Could Be Making 

It is crucial for all businesses to focus on their health and safety measures to ensure all persons within the company building are kept safe and are not vulnerable to any hazards within the area. Below outline five of the most common health and safety breaches that occur within the workplace, and more importantly, how they can be avoided. 


1. Electrical Hazards 

With so many companies relying on technology for the efficient running of their business, it does increase the likelihood of electrical hazards within the workplace. From over heating machinery to extensive use of extension leads, electrical hazards are an issue to be taken incredibly seriously and investigated  to avoid any fire risks. Two of the most common electrical hazards are, as mentioned above, over heating machinery and extension lead use. Machinery when working constantly must be monitored regularly to check that they are running safely and smoothly. If a fault occurs, it can cause the item to overheat, which can lead to a fire igniting. Extension leads are only built to sustain a certain amount of power, as it is ultimately still plugged into the one power source. This should be remembered when plugging many appliances and equipment into an extension lead to check how much power it can handle, and how much power these items require in the first place. 

Prevention Method: 

Education, education, education! Training staff in handling machines and electrical items effectively and safely is the first step to ensuring safety. You can also implement a planned and preventative maintenance service into your company if your deal with complex machines on a daily basis. This service will provide regular checks on your equipment to safe guard against any faults that may occur and cause risks in the future. This provides peace of mind that the technology you're using is being cared for to avoid any accidents from occurring.

2. Housekeeping Hazards

Trips and slips are common accidents that can occur in the workplace, which can have a negative impact on your business. Equipment and clutter where inappropriately placed as well as spillages can cause obstructions which subsequently lead to health and safety breaches which can be easily avoided. All equipment and tools used as part of your business' operations should have allocated storage space so that the working area is kept clear and free of obstacles. 

Prevention Method: 

First of all it is important to educate staff about the importance of maintaining a clean and clear work space to avoid accidents. Of course, there is more that needs to be done to fully protect your company against accidents. Hiring a cleaning company to carry out housekeeping and cleaning duties goes a long way in protecting your staff. This will ensure that accidents waiting to happen, well, don't happen! Daily cleaning for example will monitor the hazards and remove them before it causes an issue. 

3. Chemical Hazards

A big issue that can occur in the workplace is getting untrained staff to carry out the cleaning duties of the company. Thorough and rigorous cleaning often requires strong chemicals to be used to achieve the level of cleanliness that is expected. If staff who have not been trained in how to use these chemicals safely, problems can occur. 

Prevention Method: 

In order to safe guard against chemical accidents occurring, it is often beneficial to hire a cleaning company who already has trained and experience staff who can meet the specific needs of your company's cleaning process. This saves time sending staff on training courses and running the risk of allowing team members to carry out cleaning tasks where health and safety breaches can occur. Using a company that is already trained in this area gives you peace of mind that the cleaning required is carried out safely, and is not putting any one individual at risk.

4. Illness Spread 

Protecting your employees against all illnesses going around would be an impossible task, however there are measures that you can put in place to reduce the occurrence of it happening on your premises. Unlimited amounts of dirt and bacteria enter areas every single day. If an illness is going around, any employee who is carrying it will inevitably spread germs through interacting with the company equipment. This can then cause many other of your employees to pick up the germs and become ill, which of course can lead to staff being off of work. 

Prevention Method: 

Reducing the spread of colds and flu can be achieved, if done properly. Providing fair amounts of antibacterial products around the site can go a long way, such as antibacterial soap and gel, so that staff are always able to use these products when needed. As more of a long term solution, hiring a cleaning company to clean and rid the premises of germs by experienced and trained staff again ensures that each day your employees are starting a fresh with clean and cleared equipment and services. 

5. Ventilation 

All companies will be a victim of dust, and the build up that can occur if not maintained properly. Dust can cause multiple issues from respiratory to fire. If there is a poor ventilation system in place, dust can be inhaled by staff which can of course cause respiratory issues, especially for individuals who suffer with asthma. Dust can also build up within machinery, which can impact the way equipment cools down, again causing a fire hazard. 

Prevention Method: 

Installing fan units can help shift the build up of dust, as well as ensuring regular cleans take place to dislodge dust particles that become tedious in the day to day running of business operations. 

WINNS Services specialises in providing trained cleaning staff as well as trained staff to handle the smooth running of machinery, which protects health and safety rights and keeps your workforce safe. Having been established for over two decades, we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. To ask any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk

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Written by WINNS Services