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Periodic Cleaning

The cleaning industry is complex and giant. The UK market for contract cleaning is estimated to be £5.6 billion alone. Within this massive industry there are an array of different types of cleaning services that will suit different types of businesses. These range from the need for an industrial clean to wanting a one off basic clean.
What is Periodic Cleaning? Every business can get messy and untidy from time to time. In addition, infection control and maintaining areas such as toilets, showers and kitchens ensuring they recieve a hygienic clean is imperative. If you have staff working with you, or perhaps plenty of visitors coming into the premises, then dirt is going to build up.
Cleaning is not sanitising and sanitising is not disinfecting. While these terms are often used synonymously with each other, there are significant differences that we intend to make clear with this post.
Essentially, Periodic Cleaning is best implemented when tasks need to be carried out less frequently or are integral in complimenting the daily cleaning. This service means that you have a cleaner arranged to come into your premises on a regular and agreed basis. This could be weekly, monthly or even less than that. The idea is that your premises can be perfectly cleaned and decluttered, but you don’t have to commit to cleaning more frequently than you need. This means you are more resourceful with your time and money, therefore less is wasted.
Did you know your vacuum can affect the environment? Most people don’t, hence why regulations have recently been introduced in order to tackle unnecessary energy use which has a direct impact on the environment. The regulations mean that there will be a reduction in the vacuum cleaners input power, design and testing. However, the new rules only apply to dry corded vacuum cleaners. Wet, wet & dry and battery operated vacuum cleaners are not included.
Regardless of whether you have just hired a cleaning service, or have had cleaners for years, this blog is important for you. A clean workplace is a MUST for employee safety. Not only does it provide a comfortable working environment, it also follows the health and safety guidelines set both internally and by the government. If you follow these quick tips, you will have a great experience with your professional cleaning service.
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