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What is Periodic Cleaning?

December 9, 2021 by 07heaven

What is Periodic Cleaning?

Every business can get messy and untidy from time to time. In addition, infection control and maintaining areas such as toilets, showers and kitchens ensuring they recieve a hygienic clean is imperative.  If you have staff working with you, or perhaps plenty of visitors coming into the premises, then dirt is going to build up.

Some companies may require Daily Cleaning services, but for others this is not a requirement. Instead, they need to book in for Periodic Cleaning.

periodic cleaning

What is Periodic Cleaning?

As the name suggests, Periodic Cleaning is different to Daily Cleaning. This service means that you have a cleaner arranged to come into your premises on a regular and agreed basis. This could be weekly, monthly or even less than that.

The idea is that your premises can be perfectly cleaned and decluttered, but you don’t have to commit to cleaning more frequently than you need.

The regularity of the Periodic Cleaning that you organise is entirely dependant on your needs, and this is something that you can discuss with your cleaning company to ensure that it works for you.

What are the benefits of organising Periodic Cleaning?

Not every business needs daily cleaning, however they can really benefit from some form of professional cleaning service. This is where Periodic Cleaning is going to work best. Maintaining surface areas and ensuring they are hygienically sanitised contributes to staff sickness.

Cleaning, whether it is organised on a daily basis or a periodic basis is going to help you to create a great first impression. This could be a first impression for clients and customers, as well as a first impression for those that could become potential employees.

It is also great for your current employees. As they spend so much time in the work environment, it is worthwhile ensuring that it is a pleasant place for them to be. Keeping the space clean means that not only does it feel better to be working in the environment, but it is healthier too. Your staff won’t have to feel that they are at risk of germs and bacteria, as well as feeling comfortable that they are not breathing in huge amounts of dust too.

Keeping your employees happy means that they are much more likely to make a great effort for your business.

Why use WINNS Services for Periodic Cleaning?

When it comes to Periodic Cleaning, there is no better choice than WINNS Services. We are experts in commercial cleaning and we take great pride in ensuring that our customers receive the very best level of service.

Not only do we employ the best staff, but we also ensure that every clean has the very best techniques, tools and products that are going to keep the working space nice and clean. It doesn’t matter if you have an office, warehouse, shop, or whichever site you choose to conduct your business operations on- the Periodic Cleaning service that we offer is the right choice for you.

Our team is fully trained, has plenty of experience in cleaning and will work hard to ensure that your premises are kept neat and tidy. They are also fully insured, and will treat your premises with respect.

Get in touch with us here at WINNS Services today and let us help you to decide which level of cleaning is best for you. With our expert advice, we are sure to be able to offer the right cleaning service to match your needs.

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