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8 Elements Of Cleanliness You Need To Include In The Workplace Cleaning Schedule

December 14, 2021 by WINNS Services

There are many reasons why a clean workplace is a great workplace. Not only does it create a safer space, improve efficiency and productivity, and boost brand identity; It also assists in the maintenance aspect of your building and product quality. All are necessary for your business to survive and grow in the demanding industry. Here are 8 elements of cleaning which need to be included in your workplace cleaning schedule.

- Dust/dirt removal - Both elements are unhealthy and unhygienic for employees as they could affect their respiration, causing irritations, infections and sometimes even death. Not only can they highly affect health, they can also cause slip hazards for employees if left upon surfaces. Therefore, regular sweeping, hoovering and/or dusting is a daily essential in your cleaning schedule. Never use compressed air to remove the particles, this can cause further hazards of cuts or can go into someone's eye.

- Employee office facilities - It is a requirement that adequate facilities such as restrooms, toilets and fresh drinking water be supplied to employees. Therefore, maintaining a clean environment is crucial to keep these areas safe to use, as well as enjoyable. Staff morale is an important factor to consider, a clean space will make their day more enjoyable therefore improve productivity.

- Floors - Regular cleaning is a must, but spillages are an instant priority as these are hazardous to those within the workplace. Poor flooring cleanliness is one of the leading causes of injuries, therefore they should be kept as clean as possible at all times. If areas are often busy and cannot be cleaned as often as hoped, they should be supplied with anti-slip mats to decrease the likelihood of injury. Also, if there is any damage to the floor it should be repaired as quickly as possible as it is another hazard for visitors and staff.

- Lighting - There is a clear correlation between poor lighting and hazardous situations. Furthermore, repairing and cleaning light fixtures should feature in the cleaning schedule in order to keep the workplace safe.

-Aisles and stairways - They should always be kept clear, they are not a place for storage or dirt, aisles and stairways are key within an emergency evacuation. If they are blocked this will be a hazard for those trying to escape. Same with the above points, floors, lighting and dust/dirt removal should all be a priority in aisles and staircases.

Spills - The best way to conquer spill-related dangers is to prevent them from happening. A regular cleaning schedule will reduce the likelihood of a leak/spill, therefore, the repercussions will not happen. Immediate reaction is required, as well as cleaning with appropriate cleaning agents and absorbent materials as this will ensure the spillage is correctly removed. Also, it is essential that the waste products are properly removed as the substance itself could be a hazard for staff, the public and the cleaners.

- Waste removal - Regularly discarding waste is an important part of having a clean working environment. Waste can be an eyesore, tripping hazard and a breeding ground for bacteria, germs and illness. It is best practice to supply as many bins as possible, making it easier for staff and visitors to correctly store their rubbish. Also, providing recycling bins as well as normal bins is key as you will be able to improve your ‘green’ efforts as a business. An office especially uses copious amounts of paper, why not do the right thing and recycle it?

- Maintenance - Perhaps one of the most important elements of a good cleaning schedule, maintenance. It is VITAL in extending the lifespan of your property as well as saving money. By having to regularly replace items you will soon rack up a large bill, whereas efficient maintenance (which includes cleaning) will be more cost-effective in the long run. Facilities management should be a constant for your business, therefore hiring a professional will ensure your property lasts a lifetime, creates a comfortable space and keep your brand identity strong.

WINNS Services specialises in cleaning as part of their soft facilities management service. Having been operating within the industry for over two decades, we are experts within the field and pride ourselves on forever exceeding expectations. If you have any questions regarding cleaning or facilities management in general, don't hesitate to call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk.


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