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How Often Should You Be Washing Your Hands?

It is time to question your hygiene.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

If your answer is less than six times a day you are considered to be lacking basic hygiene standards by the Hygiene Council.

Shocked by this stat? Read on to find out how often you should be washing your hands!


The best and easiest way of improving public health is hand washing. Those who are washing their hands more than six times often suffer less from infectious diseases, compared to those who wash their hands less than the recommended amount. It is commonly known to wash our hands before eating and after using the restroom. If you look at these factors, on average you should be washing your hands at least 11 times a day (3 x before eating, 8 x after using the toilet). Which means washing your hands more than 6 times a day should be an easy target to reach.

There are also other situations which are important to be washing your hands, those include after touching animals, after preparing meals/food (especially raw meat, poultry and fish), before and after treating a wound, before and after feeding and changing small children. Additionally, It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly after you sneeze or cough as they are some of the main ways of spreading germs and disease- something we all want to prevent.

Although some of you may confidently say you wash your hands more than 6 times a day, it also comes in to question HOW you wash your hands. We are sorry to say a simple rinse with water does not suffice. It is recommended that you wet the hands, use 1 pump of the soap dispenser, rub vigorously and for a length of time. A little trick is to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice whilst massaging your hands together!

It is good practice to develop the habit as there are many unsuspecting areas which are germ ridden. For example, in some cases, office tea bags are known to have 17 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat... A scary thought for any office worker.

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Written by WINNS Services