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10 Security Services For Your Business During The Pandemic

Unfortunately, with the outbreak of the pandemic, caused by the Coronavirus, many businesses have experienced a need for new and innovative security solutions. In this blog we explore 10 of the best security services for your business during the pandemic.

For many, adapting and changing their normal way of working has been essential in ensuring that they can continue operating whilst mitigating as much risk as possible. Through the mitigation of this risk, they are creating the safest environment for both employees and visitors to their business. This would have often not been possible without trained security personnel providing a professional service.


10 Security Services For Your Business During The Pandemic


1) Enforcement of social distancing rules

Social distancing rules were introduced by the UK government as Coronavirus is more likely to spread from person to person when they are close together. Social distancing rules include:

  • Remaining 2 meters apart.
  • No physical contact.

Since the pandemic, many organisations have hired additional licensed security officers, or freed up security staff 's time so that they can help enforce these rules whilst employees and visitors are on site. By making sure that individuals from different households keep a safe distance, they help to produce as safe an environment as possible and minimise the chance of the virus being transmitted.

You can read more of the government’s advice here.


2) Enforcement of face covering rules

Just like social distancing rules, the UK government introduced a rule requiring people to wear face coverings when out in public spaces. This includes public transport, public buildings, and crowded areas.

Organisations have deployed trained, licensed security personal to make sure that employees and visitors on a site are abiding by these rules. By making the population wear a mask, you minimise the chance of an infected person leaving contagious water droplets on objects and/or surfaces.


You can read more of the government’s advice here.


Face covering coronavirus


3) Management of access into a location

Many businesses have experienced a new security need for managing the access onto their premises. This is likely to have been a change from their normal way of working.

This is true for businesses needing to limit both the number of employees on-site at one time, as well as controlling the number of people from the public visiting a building. Great examples of these new needs include:

  • Supermarkets – Managing the number of people shopping in a store at one time.
  • Offices – Managing the number of employees working on-site at one time.

Trained, licensed security guards have offered the perfect solutions to control both employees and the public that are on a business’ premises. By controlling the number of bodies within a confined space, you are allowing people the best opportunity to remain socially distanced and less likely to catch Coronavirus. If too many individuals are on-site at once, they can simply refuse entry or ask the person to wait until someone leaves.


4) Controlling of queuing and crowding

With the management of numbers entering a business’ premises, the problem of queuing and crowding outside of buildings has arisen. There has also been issues of crowding in highly populated areas, including canteens, receptions and waiting rooms.

The deployment of licensed security guards can provide an ideal security solution for your business during the pandemic by helping to eliminate this crowding. Through training, they can arrange and guide individuals queuing to enter a building. This reduces the risk of arguments and accidents. They can also be used to direct individuals, once entering, to reduce crowding in the highly populated areas. Some organisations have even used security guards to implement a one-way system through buildings.


5) Monitoring of CCTV

With the introduction of new rules and requirements caused by the Coronavirus, there have been new possibilities for individuals to break these rules and cause disruption and nuisance for a business. Although the breaking of these rules it not always a criminal offence, they often create a hostile and unsafe environment for others.

Trained, licensed security guards can be used to monitor CCTV as well as keep an eye on things in person, reducing the chances of serial offenders breaking the rules. By using trained professionals and maximising your on-site security, you can create a safe and secure environment for those that want to follow the guidelines set.


CCTV Security for your business


6) Patrolling of premises at unsociable hours

The pandemic has brought many problems that some may not have considered. These problems include, financial insecurity and unemployment for many. Unfortunately, both factors can relate to an increase in crime. To combat this risk, your business can use a security service known as Mobile Patrols. 

Mobile patrols remove the need to have a full-time security guard on your premises. Instead, a trained, licensed guard will visit your business as agreed or at random times to check over the interior and/or exterior of your premises. They perform a similar service to an on-site guard and watch out for energy wastage, vandalism, crime, or perhaps even unwanted occupants.


7) Protecting employees

Often, employees of a business will not be trained to deal with aggravated customers and dangerous situations. Due to the stress of the pandemic, these sorts of situations are occurring more and more. There are also new rules and guidelines that are not liked by many contributing to the problems.

By utilising a trained, licensed security guard, you can help protect your employees by removing them from these situations. A licensed security guard is the best option to safely defuse a bad situation and remove the threat of a confrontation.


8) Protecting visitors

Just as employees need to be protected, so do people visiting your business. Although they may not need to deal with an aggravated customer, there is an increased chance that they will run into a disgruntled individual not respecting their safety. These issues may arise over social distancing, crowding or face coverings.

A professional, licensed security service helps create a secure environment for them to visit your organisation whilst feeling protected from potential dangers.


Security services during the pandemic


9) Protecting abandoned sites

During the national lockdown, many people had no choice but to close their premises and allow people to work from home. This was off the back of the government’s advice helping to protect the public and reduce the threat of the virus being spread amongst the population.

The closure of these businesses had created a new issue of many sites being abandoned for long periods of time. This left them vulnerable to theft, vandalism, fire, and any other illegal activity. Licensed security services are perfect to combat these problems and include:

  • On site-security
  • Mobile patrols
  • Alarm activation and key holding

By deploying these services in a personalised solution, you can protect your business from such threats.


10) Respond to alarm activations

Unfortunately, even though you take precautions, the worse can sometimes happen. The hiring of a professional licensed security provider to answer alarm activations during the pandemic is brilliant for your business.

Although not all alarm activations are caused by criminal activity, you can remove the risk of having to attend the activation yourself. With the increased likelihood of criminal activity caused by financial pressures you do not want to be putting yourself, or your employees in potentially dangerous situations.


Written by WINNS Services