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5 Security Myths 

April 6, 2018 by WINNS Services

Today we are looking at the top 5 security myths that your company is probably guilty of. Are you really sure you want to risk it?

There are many different kinds of security out there to help you keep your business safe. You can also use more than one solution such as security guards and have your company well lit at night. The more of these you use the more secure your company will be. But can you really get away with not using any of these?

Myth 1. You can do it yourself

This is a bad idea even if you only have a small business. You are only one person and there may be more than one person trying to break in, this straight away leaves you with bad odds. By trying to be your own security you are putting your own safety in danger, do yourself a favour and hire a professional. Is it really worth the risk?

Myth 2. It costs too much

Every day we are paying out for that one more expense but is security one worth budgeting for? Does it really cost as much as you think? Have you looked into it? There are many methods of security and at least one will suit your budget. You could look at security cameras instead of guards.

Myth 3. I've locked the building & that’s enough

How many places are locked everyday but still broken into? Unfortunately most places that are broken into were originally locked, so this just isn’t enough anymore. You could look into shutters for windows or mobile patrols to check on your company at agreed hours.

Myth 4. Other companies have been broken into in the area so mine won’t be

This may only be a matter of time. Just because your company hasn’t been broken into doesn’t mean you're in the clear. The fact that other buildings in the area may have been broken in to shows that it’s an easy area for individuals to break into places. You should look for security ASAP if others are having this problem in your area.

Myth 5. The street lamps provide enough light

I wouldn’t be so sure of this if I were you. Does the light shine right on to all access points of your company? All of the windows, front door, side doors or back doors? The chances are, probably not. This means you will need another way to keep your building well lit at night. By keeping you company well lit it deters criminals from even trying to break in as they know they can be easily seen. If you're worried about energy bills then try motion sensor lights that only switch on if someone comes into contact with the area. 

WINNS services has been established for over two decades and has a great amount of knowledge in this field. We offer security guard services to suit your needs or camera systems to keep your company safe. Our company goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations in all the services we provide.

To find out more information about what security services may be best for your company or to book WINNS services then please contact us on 01702 719100.

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