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Common Autumn Pests To Look Out For In Your Commercial Building

Now Autumn has officially started, it is time to up the pest control methods as the season turns colder, wetter and nature dies, pests go in search of somewhere to call home… your building perhaps? It is essential you know what the warning signs are of pest contamination, therefore we have written this blog to help you protect your property.


They are fans of a warm climate and love nothing more than easy to access food waste that they can feast on. Ensure you have no cracks for them to exploit and gain entry, also ensure you have a clean office with no waste or spillages being left for periods of time. There are three main warning signs for cockroaches:

- Leave droppings - These look like peppercorns, coffee grounds, or small black cylinders

- Produce egg casings, these are long, light brown, and hollow

- Emit am oily and musty stench


Perhaps the easiest to detect as they are not scared of being found, their presence is often known straight away as they scurry along the food in search of the next sugary treat. Nests can often be hard to find as they build within the foundation of the building. Warning signs of ants include:

- Swarms of ants

- Damage to food boxes

- Damage to building/equipment

Bed bugs

Although the name suggests these bugs are limited to beds, this is far from the case. They can be found in any material such as your office chairs, bean bags, sofas etc. Here are some tell-tale signs of bed bugs:

- Blood stains on your material

- Bed Bug excrement, dark or rusty spots

- Egg shells or shedded skins

- Musty odour


Although the largest on the pest list, rodents can often go undetected as they fear being found by humans. They often hide in dark and secluded places, only coming out when they know they will most likely not be caught.

- Rat droppings

- Smell of urine

- Rub and gnaw marks

- Rodent nests

- Scampering noises

- Unusual pet behaviour (if you have an office dog or cat of course)


As the warmer months draw to a close flies go searching for refuge in homes to avoid death. They struggle to survive in the cold, therefore will penetrate buildings in order to prolong their life. Infestation symptoms include:

- Small dark clusters of spots

- Regular sighting of flies

- Buzzing sound

- Maggots

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Written by WINNS Services