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Items In The Office That Are Dirtier Than You Think

With the amount of time we spend at work, you’ll be forgiven for using your desk space as a second home. This however does not deter from the fact there are items at work we touch on a daily basis that are completely germ ridden.

Office Telephone

The office telephone is the one thing everyone would prefer to avoid, but not normally because of the germs. It is a horrible thought when you think that you’re putting this object to your face, but when you consider the amount of people that pick the phone up, you cannot be sure what germs they have on their hands.

Your Keyboard

The keyboard is one of those items at work you cannot avoid touching. Even if you are the only one using it, you cannot be sure what bacteria you have picked up on your hands from locking your car to opening doors on your way into work. It may make you think twice about eating food while you work!


Similar to the keyboard, the mouse is an item you cannot avoid touching throughout the day. Plus, you cannot be sure who else has touched it and what germs they have brought in.

Printer & Copier

Everyone uses it at some point, but does everyone wash their hands properly?

Water Cooler

At this point can you even trust the people you work with? According to the Daily Mail, the water cooler collects 2.7 million germs per square inch of the water spigot (the valve used to control the flow of water) making it one of the items with the most bacteria.

Office Fridge

Not the office fridge! I keep my food in there! So do other people and when you consider how many other people are using it and touching the handle to open it on a daily basis, this can hold the germs. Depending on what your employees or colleagues are storing in the fridge, fridges have been known to test positive for E. coli.

Soap Dispenser

An innocent looking soap dispenser, the very thing you hoped would help clean your hands. This is an item that everyone touches before washing their hands and should get cleaned on a regular basis.

Kitchen Sponges

It may shock you to learn that you should replace your kitchen sponges at least once a week. When a kitchen sponge is constantly put to use, it collects a worrying amount of bacteria and germs that then contaminates the surfaces it is supposed to be sanitising. It can also get wet and stay moist, causing the bacteria to grow even faster.

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Written by WINNS Services