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The Many Advantages Of Including Mobile Patrols In Your Business’ Security Strategy

July 6, 2018 by WINNS Services

Your security strategy should be at the top of your business’ list of priorities. The achievement of your business objectives is important, but you will never reach these if you cannot properly protect your property and its employees. You can either have mobile patrols on foot or by vehicle, making them ideal for situations where a quick response is necessary. Because of this, we have made this blog post to educate you on the benefits of having mobile patrols and how it could prevent your property from being a target of theft, damage or injury.

#1 - Patrolling security officers provide around the clock protection, for as long as desired- even 24-hour watch! Mobile patrols are ideal for organisations who own multiple properties, or if a group of companies want their area to have a physical watchful eye which can respond when necessary.

#2 - In collaboration with other security methods such as alarms, CCTV, warning signals and sensor triggers, mobile patrols can make you an impenetrable force. Regardless of whether you choose for vehicular or on foot patrols, they can cover ground quickly and get to a situation much quicker than emergency response can. Response time is key in whether you can prevent or limit the amount of damage done, as well as catching the criminals before they flee the scene.

#3 - This option can provide a range of checks which may not have been met by visual or sensory security equipment. A patrol guard can be a lot more practical and effective in their security checks, therefore should definitely be considered in your security strategy. Mobile guards can respond to alarms, conduct exterior patrols which may not be reached by CCTV, as well as ensure the property is properly locked and secure by checking doors and windows for any means of entry.

#4 - The flexibility of mobile patrol methods means you can increase and decrease the number of guards at certain times. For example, you may only want 1 guard patrolling during the day, but at night you might want 3. A strict security routine means criminals can exploit areas or times which may accidentally not be as secure, therefore a flexible mobile officer means you will not leave any room for error for burglars to utilise.

#5 - A series of guards can create a sense of community. You cannot talk to a camera, but you can to a person. Therefore, it can create peace of mind for employees or visitors and means they can ask the guards questions whenever they want to. A feeling of safety is essential and should be the aim when implementing security measures, mobile patrols definitely create this.

#6 - They can not only respond to criminal activity, they can deter it. If someone notices physical guarding presence at a building, they may think twice about whether they want to force entry. The appearance of trained officers is perhaps the strongest method of prevention.

#7 - Patrols are cost-effective as YOU can decide on a schedule which is effective for your business. As well as the ability to prevent crimes which can be an expensive cost to fix or replace, therefore you will be spending less in the long run. A professional security service will ensure that all requirements in regards to the budget are met, whilst remaining effective.

WINNS Services has been established for over two decades providing security services, including Mobile Patrols to clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and working with clients to offer the best solution to their queries. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from security measures such as Mobile Patrols, call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk


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