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WINNS - Work-Life Balance For The Team

Here at WINNS, we pride ourselves on providing professional security and cleaning services to our clients. We are small enough to care and are always resourced and experienced to deliver excellence.


With the promise of providing excellence to every client, our team work extremely hard to maintain the reputation we have managed to build in our 30 years. Although we wish for extremely hard working individuals, we make sure to have appropriate downtime so that we remain focused and efficient rather than tired, uninspired and bogged down.

We love to challenge each other to a game of Fussball! The game increases blood flow, happiness and strategic thinking, meaning our staff can go back to their desks pumped to provide outstanding service to our clients.

Here are 5 ways to promote a healthy work-life balance for your team!

Exercise - If available, having a gym on site would be highly beneficial for your employees and your business as staff are more motivated focus on their health. It is advised to have a minimum of 30 minutes exercise a day, therefore by having a gym on site you are allowing a more healthy lifestyle for your staff. If you cannot provide this, why not offer a discount for the local gym?

Games - Stimulating the body is important, but you should also offer routes for staff to stimulate their mind. It can be hard to find motivation and avoid tiredness when working, therefore by implementing the choice for office games throughout the day can be highly beneficial in terms of productivity. For example quizzes, puzzles, word scrambles etc whilst offering a small prize for the winner.

Childcare - If you have many employees with families it can be very beneficial to provide either a childcare facility or childcare vouchers for them to use. This allows peace of mind that their children are being looked after and no stress for them trying to make the school run!

Company days out - Team bonding is vital to a strong working team. By providing the opportunity to bond outside of the office walls means the team becomes closer and more efficient working comes as a result.

Flexible hours - By offering members of staff the ability to work flexibly (if your line of work allows it) it can be a big relief for some who do not suit the standard 9-5 lifestyle.

Do you have methods of ‘downtime’ or work-life balance examples in your office?

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Written by WINNS Services