Get those pests out of your life!

Get those pests out of your life!

Unfortunately no matter where you work the pests can find their way in and will try harder when they know there is food available.

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No one wants to be at work and see a rat run across the room. For one thing this means the office is unhygienic. It is also the duty of the company to make sure it’s employees are working in a safe and sanitary environment.

To deter pests from coming into your building, make sure there is no food left lying around, and what food you have is left in the fridge. Also make sure the work tops are cleared of crumbs. You will need to have the bins cleared out daily to avoid the temptation for pests finding leftover food in there.

A pest control service will get rid of pests such as insects, pigeons and rodents. These are the most common intruders and can be a pain as well as a health risk. If your security alarm is very sensitive then any one of these in the building could set it off.

The pest control service should provide humane ways to trap or kill a rodent. This could be a snap trap which should mean an instant and painless death for the rodent. A live trap is effectively a box in which the rodent gets trapped in and then humanely killed or released somewhere else.

This pest control service includes humane pest capturing devices that are then checked daily to remove any pests caught overnight. This helps them to be caught quickly and so that they are not sitting in traps, starving or, in pain.

Most businesses will need this service at some point. This problem is one that reaches most companies at some time or another. However there are some places more likely to get a pest problem than others, such as restaurants due to a lot of food wastage. This is particularly true for fast food restaurant when rubbish ends up in the surrounding area.

It could also depend on where your business is located. For example, if you are near a woods, park, local tip or somewhere that is not being well maintained, this will provide a much more likely risk of pests for your business.

You will need a pest control service when you see any large amount of insects, pigeons or rodents gaining access in the building. This needs to be caught quickly because if it's not they can breed quickly and in large amounts, and before you know it you have an infestation.

This is something that will need to be dealt with quickly as it can cause illnesses and spread disease. By having pests you could be breaking the health and safety act policy for your employees as you are no longer providing a healthy environment for them to work in.

WINNS provides pest control services to any company in need. We have highly trained staff who will carry out this task humanely and efficiently. Our company can offer you all aspects of the pest control procedure including eradicating. WINNS pest control service is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner to maintain a safer environment. 

For more information about WINNS pest control service or to book us for our pest control services please contact us on 01702 719100.

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Written by 07heaven