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Property Connect – Where Real People Do Real Business

We wanted to explore the success of a networking organisation that helps connect like-minded individuals within the property industry, specifically the Built and FM environments, and the positive impact they have consequently had on the industry.

Alan Davies, our Director of Marketing and Sales has been a member of Property Connect for around 3 years. Property connect is an organisation that has helped introduce him to some terrific individuals, broadening his professional and social network greatly.


Who is property connect?

Property Connect is a member orientated, networking organisation that has been in operation circa 2004. It was formed in response to a direct need from property professionals within the Built and FM environments.

Property Connect was founded by an existing member Alex Butterworth who has developed and guided Property Connect to its present position. Alex is supported by Rianne Scott of Oracle Asbestos Solutions who has given it a more contemporary focus utilising social media. They are both also in turn supported by Steve Hurndall of Advance FM and Abby Dawkins of Emerald Elevators.

Property Connect allows its members to interact with others from a similar industry, meaning they can exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. It also acts as a central hub for professionals to learn about industry activity and make new professional advancements with no pressure.

Property Connect works on the premise of face to face networking events. These events have historically been London based and occur on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Property Connect focuses on creating events that feel natural and welcoming, with an informal atmosphere. This type of environment benefits their members and allows real people, to do real business.


Property Connect


What does Property Connect offer its members?

Property Connect prides itself on being an organisation set up to consistently add value to its members. It does this through creating a network of members exclusively within the Built and FM environments. This ensures that all members can mutually benefit each other.

The key premises that has made Property Connect a success throughout its life include:

  • Social Business - Make your business social and interactive
  • Networking - Network with other businesses in the same sector
  • Community – Join a business community and share leads and knowledge


How to become a member?

Property Connect is a member orientated organisation. This means that to become a member you must receive an invitation to a networking event from an existing member or a founding member. From this point, a governing body will be able to assess whether you are from the Built or FM environment and will therefore be able to determine whether you can contribute and add value to the members within the organisation moving forwards.

If successful, you can then apply for an annual membership, giving you access to all the networking events moving forward.

Property Connect hand-picks its members to ensure that the member pool is not diluted by individuals outside of the Built of FM environment. By being selective, they can make sure that the relationships that their members form will, without doubt, have a benefit to both their professional and social life.


Property connect Networking


What are the benefits of being a member?

Property Connect offers its members many benefits:

  • It acts as a networking hub to allow people to do business in an informal, relaxed environment.
  • The informal aspect of the events allows you to interact in ways that you cannot in a corporate environment.
  • The selective membership means that you form relevant relationships that help you progress professionally.
  • The membership means that you can confidently discuss industry news and activity knowing it is factual.
  • The social aspect of the events helps individuals not only build professional relationships, but also social friendships with like-minded individuals.

You can form strong relationships with the best people within the Built and FM niche.


What is the future of Property Connect?

Since Covid-19, the social face-to-face networking events usually hosted by Property Connect have unfortunately been put on hold. This was done with the member’s safety in mind. This has however allowed the governing body to plan and clearly align the goal of Property Connect in the near future.

Along with the London based networking events, which have been the foundation of Property Connects success, they will now start to put actions in motion that promote a regionalised networking hub. This means that the members will have more access to networking events locally to where they are based.

The regionalisation of some events means that travelling into London will no longer be a requirement. It also means that the members attending the events will have the chance to form long-term relationships to companies within their niche and within their local constituency.

Since the decision to regionalise, both Kent and Cambridge have held successful events. There are plans for more to come in 2021 with Essex and other home-counties on the list.


Written by 07heaven