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Zoono – Leading Experts in Antimicrobial Protection

Since the start of the Coronavirus, it has become a necessity to find cleaning products and methodologies that are proven to prevent the spread and contamination of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts. Unfortunately, traditional cleaning and sanitisation methods are no longer as effective as they have been, evidenced by the arrival of global superbugs.

Zoono is an expert in antimicrobial protection having produced a product that not only disinfects a surface, but continues to protect the surface from harmful microorganisms in the future.


Who are Zoono?

Zoono are currently leading global experts in antimicrobial protection. They specialise in the development, manufacture, and global distribution of a unique range of durable antimicrobial solutions.

Zoono developed, and owns, intellectual property based around the ‘Zoono Molecule’. The Zoono Molecule is a unique, antimicrobial technology that bonds with any surface and kills a broad spectrum of pathogens. It has proven efficacy and longevity and it does not leach.

Zoono products use a combination of purified, deionised water and an antimicrobial compound. Specifically, Zoono use a quaternary ammonium compound that are agents commonly found in products such as cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, and contact lens. Zoono’s effectiveness lies in the technology behind their quaternary ammonium compound. This is because it enables Zoono to stay active and continue killing pathogens for long periods of times.


How does Zoono work?

Zoono works by creating a positively charged layer of antimicrobial protection on the surface it touches. The negatively charged microorganism are then attracted to the positive layer that has been created meaning the organism is killed.

1) Zoono bonds to the surface to create a protective layer.

2) This extra protective layer of tiny pins attracts pathogens.

3) The pathogen burst like a balloon on contact.

4) Zoono’s unique technology keeps working after it is applied.



Why would you choose Zoono?

Unfortunately, common surfaces in buildings and populated area pose a significant threat as a source of spreading microbiological contamination. It has become essential in the fight against Coronavirus, and other similar threats, to minimise this threat.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts contaminate surfaces and can often be resilient to traditional forms of cleaning and disinfection. This is evidenced by the evolution of superbugs across the globe.

Zoono’s technology allows you to confidently kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts to create a safe environment.

Check out some other reason why you should choose Zoono:

  • Zoono are the leaders in a technological shift in antimicrobial technologies.
  • Zoono possesses unique technology unlike anything else available.
  • Zoono is exceptionally durable. It helps protect skin and surfaces.
  • Zoono is proven to kill germs and protect after the product is applied.
  • Zoono is a mild formulation making it gentle on your skin.
  • Zoono is recommended by microbiologists. Its effectiveness has been proven by over 100 independent laboratories.

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What products do Zoono produce?

Zoono Hand Foamer

Applying Zoono Hand Foamer provides an antibacterial protective layer that works with routine hand hygiene procedures to help provide protection throughout the day. It is:

  • Gentle on skin
  • Alcohol Free
  • A dermatologically tested product

The Zoono Hand Foamer comes in 50ml, 150ml, 500ml and a 5 litre refill bottle.

Check it out here.


Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray

Applying Zoono Surface Sanitiser keeps surfaces hygienic for longer. It is a sanitising germ protection spray that kills germs and helps keep surfaces and touch points protected for longer. The surface sanitiser:

  • Helps protect against bacteria for extended periods of time.
  • Forms an antimicrobial coating on surfaces.
  • Can be used after cleaning for ongoing germ protection.
  • Compliments your existing cleaning routine and can remain on surfaces for extended periods of time.
  • Remains active on surfaces and works in conjunction with your routine cleaning procedures.

Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray can be used on:

  • Floors
  • Kitchens/bathrooms
  • Door & Tap handles
  • Any other common touch points
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical

The Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray comes in 50ml, 150ml, 500ml and a 5 litre refill bottle.

Check it out here.


Frequently asked questions

Zoono is a state-of-the-art technology that is changing the world of antimicrobial protection. If you have any more questions that have not been answered in this blog, you can check out their FQA’s here.



Written by 07heaven